YLT Perspective: My YouthWorks Experience

Hello everyone!

My name is Eduardo Calderon and I previously interned at the Board of Supervisors for Supervisor David Campos. After successfully finishing my term as an intern, I am now proudly a member of SF YouthWorks’ Youth Leadership Team.

My internship at the Supervisor’s office was an intellectual journey. It taught me how to be organized, professional, and hopeful for new opportunities. This program gave me the opportunity to develop the skills that I already had, and to develop new skills. I picked up skill sets that I would utilize not only at an office, but also in every day life.

Now, I have become a part of the Youth Leadership Team. In the process of this transition, I have learned more about public speaking, facilitation, and working in a team. At the first workshop that I facilitated, I felt butterflies in my stomach.  However, these butterflies soon flew away after I exhaled my last breath as an intern and began my first sentence as a youth leader.  During my first workshop, a few uncertainties arose but my partnered Employment Coordinator (and co-facilitator) helped me with my challenges. We are a TEAM!

From this workshop, I learned to prepare myself not only for the presentation’s agendas but also for uncertainties. I have now facilitated about half a dozen workshops and feel much more comfortable with facilitation. Now, I can lead no matter what obstacle comes before me. I am honored to be leading and collaborating with the Youth Leadership Team and with our Employment Coordinators. This program has by far exceeded my expectations. It has given me tools for every day life, and best of all, friendships that even with all that I’ve learned, I still cannot describe with words.

– Eduardo, YLT Member