Supporting Academic Achievement in School

This program session SF YouthWorks is increasing the ways in which we support our interns in their academic success. For many interns participating in YouthWorks is the first time they must balance the responsibilities of both school and work. Interns complete a monthly Academic Check Up form and submit semester report cards, which will allow Employment Coordinators to closely monitor student attendance and grades. Students with low grades will be directed to academic resources at their schools, wellness centers and community organizations. Together, the Employment Coordinator and intern will create a plan for academic success at school, which may include a reduction in work hours until grades improve.

Employment Coordinator Larry Berry is excited about the new academic check ins. “We are always looking for ways to support youth education. This will allow us to make sure interns are successful in school and work. I am excited to see the students get their grades up and take advantage of the resources provided by schools and local organizations to help them succeed.”

Liora Barba, YouthWorks Employment Coordinator,  knows how important academic achievement is for interns during their junior and senior year. “We can support them in being professional by providing extra support for academic achievement. This is an important time for YouthWorks interns to prepare for college and make sure they are on track to graduate from high school.  Its a more holistic way of looking at success in the internship which also includes success at school.”