Interns Learn about Financial Services

Last Tuesday SF YouthWorks interns attended a peer-to-peer training on financial institutions, run by the Mission SF Community Financial Center. Youth facilitators from Mission SF explained the differences between banks and credit unions and described how fringe financial services affect local communities.

The workshop also covered financial services that youth should be wary of, such as check cashers, payday lenders, and pre-approved credit cards. The main message of the workshop was that youth need to be aware of their financial options make informed choices.

Interns really appreciated the information that the workshop provided:

“I thought that the workshop gave a good view of a different side of banking that is usually not taught in local communities. The youth leaders were extremely helpful in showing the differences between credit unions and other financial institutions. I think everyone really enjoyed it.” –Robin

“I like that it was run by people my age, and that they tried to introduce something new, showing that teens have more financial options. “ –Stephen

“The presentation elaborated on the difference between regular banks and credit unions, which are community-based. I really liked it–it opened my eyes up to thinking that it’s a good idea to contribute to the community that you live in.” –Zakiya

The Mission SF workshop was a follow-up to the YouthWorks money management workshop, in which we covered budgeting, financial goal-setting, and banking. Coming up, our February workshops will help interns plan their educational paths after high school.

Blog written by Employment Coordinator Susannah Nadler