Youth Blog: Interns Meet Supervisor David Campos

Last month, SF YouthWorks held a Career Exploration event at San Francisco City Hall. A group of interns who were interested in city government and politics participated in this event.

At the event they had the chance to meet David Campos, the Supervisor from San Francisco’s District 9, and his legislative aide Sheila Chung Hagen.

The speakers were very friendly with the interns.  They explained to the youth how our city government works. After a very interesting presentation, the supervisor answered questions from our youth. Great questions were asked by the youth and great answers were given by the supervisor and his legislative aide.

It was a conversation that could have lasted for hours if we had the time. Unfortunately, our politicians are very busy people who didn’t have those extra hours to stay.

After the event, the youth were asked to share with the group why they were interested in politics and what they learned from the event. Some interesting responses were, “I want to be a politician one day” and “I found out who the district supervisor is for my neighborhood.” Many of the youth answered “I’m interested because I want to know how the city works.”

This event was a good learning experience. Our interns were very interested to learn about our city government and there is no better way than to meet face to face with our lawmakers. It was a very successful event and this blogger is more than happy to have participated in it. Thank you to the wonderful speakers, and also thank you to the interns who participated!

Blog by Andrew Wu, member of the SF YouthWorks Youth Leadership Team