Youth Blog: Interns Explore Careers in Public Health

At SF Youthworks we have a lot of interns who we help to develop skills necessary to get prepared for future jobs. Some skills the interns learn are resume building and interview skills. We also have a lot of special opportunities to help them figure out what career path they may want to take. On January 18, 2011 we had a youth career exploration day. This day was designed for youth to go to different worksites and find out about new careers by talking, listening and asking questions.

Interns that were interested in health visited General Hospital for career exploration day. We had a chance to listen to professionals about their careers in health care. We got to hear about different careers in a hospital setting.  It was very interesting to listen to the Director of Administrative Operations, a Health Workshop Provider, a Volunteer Coordinator, a Medical School Student, Researchers, and the head of the Nursing Department. We didn’t think there were so many types of jobs in the medical field.  Most of the people we listened to did more stuff behind the scenes, liken paper work and administrative task. It was good to be exposed to the various career opportunities in the health care field, because some students don’t feel as comfortable doing hands on work verses administrative work.

Career exploration day really did open our eyes to numerous positions in the health care field.  It is a really great opportunity to explore new careers, and it’s fun too.

Blog written by Youth Leadership Team member Lana Tauzhnyanskay