Interns Explore College Options

With college application deadlines right around the corner now is the time for interns to think about their post-secondary education options. Employment Coordinators kicked off this sessions workshop series with College 101 which focused on the difference between city, CSU, UC and private university’s. During the week of November 18th YouthWorks interns were each placed in a education event to explore their options post college. Check out some high lights from each event below:

  • Donald Woodson from UCSF’s Center for Educational Partnerships broke down how financial aid works for YouthWorks interns. He made it clear that everyone can get finical aid. Donald talked about finical aid packages and which offer is best for you, the differences between subsidized and unsubsidized loans, work study, grants and scholarships. He encouraged interns to look beyond the price tag and see the true cost of college education and how to best budget in college, with the cost of room and board, transportation, personal expense and how to adjust your cost of living.
  • Interns visited the Johns Adams City College campus and learned about the certificate programs city college offers in business, child development and health. Interns got to to see what a health lab looks like, exploring both a hospital and pharmacy lab. Paramedics showed interns the equipment used in CPR and first responder courses. Interns also got to check out the indoor play ground in the child development department, complete with swings, monkey bars and a slide.
  • The Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) hosted YouthWorks for an information session and tour of SF State. Interns learned how to best navigating college and the resources offered by EOP to take advantage of, such as tutoring, advising and scholarships. Interns checked out the new SF State library, student center and the business building and classrooms.
  • Over at Year Up, interns learned about the opportunity divide and how Year Up is working to close the gap. Interns spoke with current Year Up students about their experience in the program. They also got to hear the compelling background story of one Year Up employee who went from homelessness to working for fortune 500 company within a year of joining Year Up.
  • AACE presented their cash for college workshop to help interns explore ways to pay for college. Interns learned about filling out the FAFSA and the different loan scams that they should keep an eye out for. AACE also highlighted additional workshops and college information sessions offered by SFUSD.