YouthWorks Kicks Off New Session

Last week kicked off the first week of work for YouthWorks interns. Before beginning work interns attended four hours of Pre Employment Training, which covered topics ranging from how to make a good first impression at work to strategies for maintaining a balance between school, work and life. Employment Coordinators reviewed the Arc of Experience with interns, highlighting new components of the YouthWorks program.

Jerome Anderson, Employment Coordinator extraordinaire, knows how important this first week of work is for interns and mentors. “Interns need to get use to balancing both school and work. They will be adjusting to a new office space, developing a relationship and new routine with their mentors. ” As interns get into the groove of this new routine mentors have the opportunity to create a welcoming and supportive work environment for interns. Check out these helpful tips for creating a successful first week with your intern by clicking here.

This year YouthWorks is rolling out a handful of new components to strengthen the program. From the girls group Women on the Rise to a new workshop space at City College Civic Center Campus to electronic time sheets, this year is full of great changes. YouthWorks Associate Director Camile Richard is excited about implementing new structures this year. “I feel confidant that interns will maximize their opportunity with the new program components and workshop space. Also, I am proud that we can offer online time sheets this year and make it easier on mentors and interns. Online time sheets will show interns what time sheets in many future work environments look life.”