Rise For May Day

On May 1st, people around the world will come together at rallies and demonstrations in the name of worker’s rights. Also known as International Worker’s Day, May 1st is a national holiday in more than 80 countries. Workers and their allies have been mobilizing to take collective action on this day in the US for 127 years.

Established in the US as part of a larger effort to declare the eight hour work day, the first May Day holiday was decreed in 1886. Workers across major U.S. cities organized a general strike in support of the demand. Since then, the day has continued to evolve, and the 2013 protests will also incorporate immigrants rights advocacy.

To get involved here in SF, you can join in the SF march at 3:00 pm at 24th and Mission or join in at 5pm at City Hall. The event, “Rise for May Day!” encourages workers, youth, families, and immigrants to stand together.

As a youth employment program, we at SF YouthWorks also strive to educate our youth on their rights as workers. In this spirit, YouthWorks would like to take a moment to honor the ongoing struggle for labor rights on this historic day.