Mentor of the Month

The mentors who volunteer their time time to work with SF YouthWorks interns are an incredible group. Each month YouthWorks recognizes one outstanding mentor for their commitment to YouthWorks. This month we are highlighting mentor Carmen Mohr from the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Thank you Carmen for the great work you do as a YouthWorks mentor!

Spotlight on Carmen Mohr:

Carmen Mohr works in the Central Records Division at the Office of Community Investment & Infrastructure (Successor to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency). Carmen began mentoring with SF YouthWorks in the summer of 2012.  In March 2012 Carmen’s office faced a major lay off in which the Agency down sized from one hundred employees to forty five. “We needed a lot of help! It was a good opportunity to have SF YouthWorks support us at the very difficult time and without using the Agency funding. It’s been my pleasure to be working with skillful and smart youth.”

A few fun facts about Carmen. She practices Yoga four times a week, enjoys to travel and fashion. And on Sunday’s Carmen likes to ride her bike. Between 2002 to 2009 Carmen sponsored four children from the Philippines and South Africa, which was a great experience to see the progress and changes the kids went through.