Mentors Learn About Mentoring From a Youth Perspective

During the month of February and March, each Youth Leadership Team (YLT) member inputted much effort into creating a workshop for the Mentors based on the themes of relationship building and exposure to the work site department. All of the YLT members worked together and individually to build the whole workshop, including the ice breaker, their bios, group scenarios, discussion questions and tips for the mentors. The idea of this formal workshop was to give advice to mentors with a youth perspective.

On the day of the Mentor Workshop, Tuesday, March 26, each YLT was excited and nervous to be presenting a workshop to the mentors for the first time. In the end, the YLT was able to led through the whole workshop successfully. The mentors left with an understanding of the importance of relationship building and exposure to the worksite department. Through the question and answer panel hosted at the end of the workshop the mentors were able to gain a youth perspective and hear our advice on bettering their experience with each intern.  A challenge the YLT had was leading the mentors through the group agreements. The mentors did not present many ideas for group agreements. Luckily, with the help of other YLT members, the activity continued successfully.

Through the mentor workshop we were able to build on our skills in creating and facilitating a workshop for adults, not just for interns. It was a great opportunity to have as a youth leader.

-Blog written by YLT member Nancy Liang