Over 100 high school youth participants gathered in meeting points across San Francisco to take part in the annual event MYEEP in SF last week on Friday, February 8th. Each year youth have the opportunity to see what a day in the life is like at dozens of business and worksites across the bay, from Google to the S.F Fire Department to the Veterinarian Hospital to KQED.  Organized by our sister organization MYEEP, YouthWorks interns have the opportunity to participate in this great event. Check out what two of our Youth Leadership Team members have to say about their experience at MYEEP in SF:

“During MYEEP in SF, I visited Chronicle Books, a publisher, with my group. During out tour around the creative design office we met the author of Boo! We learned the different parts of the office and the importance of making a book. We even got to create a book of our own focusing on the theme of San Francisco! Each of us created aspects of San Francisco such a transportation, food, shops and views. We learned about focusing our book on what an author thinks about when creating and publishing, such as the target buyer and main theme. Afterwards, we presented our idea to two marketers and two sales employees. They each gave us feedback about our books in the market place and would it be successful selling it. And last, we even received book gifts from them! It was a great experience for me to visit Chronicle Books because I learned a new perspective of marketing and what it really takes to be a marketer!”

– Nancy Liang

“I went to the Blue Bear School of Music for my career exploration event through MYEEP in SF. It was a great experience because I was able to revisit a school that I used to take guitar lesson at, listen and talk to a knowledgeable musician and teacher, and meet some new friends on the way. Our host was very warm and welcoming and presented many interesting and engaging topics during our discussion. He started off by telling us what Blue Bear is and the roll he plays there. He also shared with us his favorite genres of music and made us share ours as well. He later went on to talk about the cutthroat industry of music, especially with all the illegal downloading on the internet nowadays. However, that you should still follow your dreams if you are an aspiring musician. Lastly, he encouraged us to appreciate all types of music and to keep an open mind and ear towards everything.”

– Nick Torrano