SF YouthWorks Mentor of the Month

The mentors who volunteer their time time to work with SF YouthWorks interns are an incredible group of city employees. Each month YouthWorks will be appreciating one outstanding mentor for their commitment to YouthWorks. This month we are highlighting mentor Jeanne Stathakos from the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector. Thank you Jeanne for the great work you do as a YouthWorks mentor!

Spotlight on Jeanne:

Jeanne Stathakos is a Management Assistant in the Business Tax Department at the Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector. This is her first year as a mentor with the SF YouthWorks program. Jeanne participates as a mentor because she believes its a good way to help youth gain experience and open up opportunities for them.

Her first “real” paying job was as a shift manager at a McDonald’s restaurant. A fun fact about Jeanne is that she was a police, fire and SWAT dispatcher for approximately twelve years. She left this work and was a full-time mother for twelve years before coming back to work full-time.

Jeanne thinks SF YouthWorks is a great concept and organization, and wishes she knew about this or similar programs when she was a youth.