SF YouthWorks Mentor of the Month!

The mentors who volunteer their time time to work with SF YouthWorks interns are an incredible group of city employees. Each month YouthWorks will be appreciating one outstanding mentor for their commitment to YouthWorks. This month we are highlighting mentor Margaret Fisher from the Department of Public Health. Thank you Margaret for the great work you do as a YouthWorks mentor!

Spotlight on Margaret:

Margaret Fisher is a Oral Health Consultant for the Child Health & Disability Prevention Program & Child Care Health Project. She has been participating as a YouthWorks mentor for 4 years now. Margaret serves as a mentor because the young people who intern with SF YouthWorks are enthusiastic, interested, hard working and makes an amazing contribution to her works efforts to advance the oral health of low income children in San Francisco.  She loves finding out about their lives, learning about their goals and seeing them grow as people while in their work position.

Her first job was as a “mother’s helper” in Chicago when she was 13. Margaret lived away from home during the summers and worked in homes of families who needed ongoing childcare for their toddlers and babies. She never lost her love of taking care of little kids, because in her work now, that is what she does- only she specializes in protecting the health of their teeth.

Four interesting fun facts about Margaret. She loves to hike in wild nature. This summer Margaret went on her first backpacking trip in 30 years, to Yosemite, and while getting out of her tent, encountered  a bear walking through their campsite. Scary and awesome all at once!  Margaret went back up twice more this summer because it is always new and beautiful! Margaret does sudoku puzzles when she is nervous: they calm her down. She also gave up sugar over a year ago, and does not miss it at all. Now Margaret gets her sweet tooth satisfied by fruit. Lucky for her she really does love fruit! Margaret has a son who is 20 years old whom she loves dearly. Her son keeps her honest and helps her to understand a young person’s perspective. Margaret is always learning new techie information and new music from him.