Youth Blog: Life After High School

At the end of February, YouthWorks held an event called “Life After High School”. This event gave YouthWorks interns a chance to ask questions to a panel of college students.

The panel consisted of former interns that now go to different colleges and universities.  The schools that were represented were City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, and Holy Names University (a private university in Oakland).

YouthWorks interns got a chance to ask questions on any topic that would help them really understand what college is like.  They asked questions about many topics:
•    What influenced the panelists to choose their college
•    How they deal with financial aid
•    How it feels to live on campus versus living at home
•    How they get food
•    Strategies on getting cheap books for classes
•    Advice about college classes, such as what classes to take and how to get classes
•    What not to do at college
•    Balancing their schedule with school, work, sports, sleeping, and studying
•    How to communicate with their professors

I enjoyed this event because it really gave me a chance to hear multiple perspectives from different college students. It gave me a much clearer vision about college life and I can see myself using these tips when I’m in college.

YLT member Andrew Wu also liked the event.  He said, “I thought it was useful and I gained a lot of knowledge.”

Blog written by Youth Leadership Team member Stephen Li.