Worksite Spotlight: the Port of SF

At the start of the 2009-2010 YouthWorks school year session, the Port of San Francisco was an inactive worksite.  Eight months later, the Port of San Francisco is a model participating worksite, with four active worksite mentors.

PortDuring the month of January, YouthWorks developed a mentor recruitment campaign and the Port of San Francisco was one of our target departments. The Port was extremely receptive to the idea of hosting YouthWorks interns, and with the help of Lorceli Braganza in the Human Resource department we were able to identify a number of Port employees to participate in the program.

Hedley Prince and Anita Yao of the Maritime Wharf were the first to join the program, and their intern Brittanee Lewis had an extremely positive experience providing administrative support during the spring program. 

Qiao Yin Lin of the Real Estate division was the next mentor to sign up for YouthWorks.  Within a week of placement, she expressed her appreciation for having intern Lawerence Ng help out around the office.

Evelyn Onderdonk of the Engineering/ Construction Management division was the most recent Port of San Francisco mentor to join our program. Evelyn is looking forward to using her mentoring skills to help guide and assist her summer intern.

YouthWorks is excited to have the Port back on board and looks forward to working with the department this year!

Article and photograph by Employment Coordinator Jerome Anderson