Intern Spotlight: Howard Fung In Supervisor Campos’ Office

Camposv2YouthWorks recently had the opportunity to meet with intern Howard Fung at his worksite in Supervisor David Campos’ office.  Howard spoke to us about the impact of his experience working in politics in City Hall.

“I began my internship completely intimidated by everyone who came in, but my mentor soon helped me break out of my comfort zone, and now I am able to easily begin conversations with people like CEO’s and executive directors,” he said.  “Being able to meet successful, influential members of the city daily has helped increase my confidence when meeting new people.  Every time I am at work, I meet at least one new person, whether it be a CEO, or a neighborhood constituent.  This has helped me understand more of how our city functions, and how every person can make a difference”

He added, “Youthworks has allowed me to experience a real, constantly changing, work environment firsthand, which has given me positive improvements in nearly every aspect of my life, work or personal.  Being around my mentor and coworkers every week has taught me how to properly behave at work and how to handle many unique situations I would have never imagined happening.”

We are thrilled that Howard has had such a positive experience, and are grateful to Supervisor Campos for providing this opportunity.

Pictured above:  Betsy Merzenich, Camile Richard, David Campos, Howard Fung