Visit with Supervisor Avalos


Recently, YouthWorks had the opportunity to meet with Supervisor John Avalos, Chair of the Board of Supervisor’s Budget Committee.  We met with him to show our appreciation for his office hosting intern Mirabella C and to learn more about the work they do in his office.

Avalos is extremely familiar with SF YouthWorks and has a long history of supporting the program.  He was working at Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth when YouthWorks was founded in 1997  in response to youth demands for more employment opportunities.  Later, he was a mentor for our program when working as a legislative aide, and his office continues to host youth interns now that he is a city supervisor.

In our meeting with him, he spoke about his appreciation for the role that Mirabella plays in his office.  He also helped us to better understand the city’s budget process, highlighting the roles of departments, the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, and the public.  We look forward to future partnership with him and his office.

Pictured:  Betsy Merzenich, Supervisor John Avalos, YouthWorks Intern Mirabella C, Camile Richard