By Alex Ocampo, YouthWorks Intern

Getting involved in or delivering a pre-employment training program is a great way to help people get ‘work ready’ and support more people as they start to work. The Pre-Employment Training offers a range of pre-employment programs that include the development of employment skills and knowledge such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, planning,  initiative, and occupational health and safety.

The JCYC YouthWorks Pre-Employment Training lasted three days. All pre-employment days were required for interns to keep their internship placement and start program on time. 

The Pre-Employment included so many things, but the most important were:

  • Program structure
  • How to dress professionally
  • Expectations
  • How to leave a professional voice message/ email
  • Entering hours online

Each of these categories gives guidance and tools for work. 

Program Structure

This is the most important thing because we need to know the schedule, time and days of internship. Also what is your role as intern together with policies and communicate with people. 

How To Dress Professionally

Appearance is how people judge us, for that, we need to dress in an acceptable way for work. Formal clothes always are our best option. We should not show so much skin, wear clothes with bad words, or controversial, or go with sportswear, or pajamas. In the end, we cannot give a bad reputation, but also we don’t have to try to imitate a fancy professional person, we need to find a balance between them. 


The expectations are part of a good impression to your boss or supervisor. The most basic tips are: be on time every day of work, have  good communication with your supervisor, do the work the best that you can, and always check your email. With these tips you can be successful in the position. 

How To Leave A Professional Voice Message/Email

As we know the communication with your supervisor is very essential. For that you need to leave a professional voice message or an email. With them, you need to be clear and formal. For that, always at the beginning, put the subject, and explain your situation. Do not forget to say something nice at the end. 

Entering Hours Online

Technology plays an important role in the work because it facilitates the paycheck through  the application ADP. With that we can see the money, and we can use the timecard for the hours, entering our hours, and make sure we round our time entry. Entering online is so easy for us and secure. 

These categories all refer to the process of training a job candidate before they become part of the workplace.