Meet our Youth Leadership Team: Nour

Nour was born in San Francisco’s Mission district and moved after a year to be raised in Algeria’s capital, Algiers. In October 2015, she decided to move back to the United states for better educational opportunities. Nour is currently a senior at John O’Connell High School. She participated in the Youthworks program during her Junior school year, interning at the Public Health Department in clinic 1M, at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. She enjoyed experiencing the medical working environment and learning valuable skills, including data entering, conducting patient calls, and translating messages to Arabic and French. Nour was grateful for this opportunity, so she decided to continue her affiliation with JCYC by applying to the Youth Leadership Team. She is grateful for this position, as it allows her to have a voice and improve her leadership and public speaking skills. After high school, Nour plan to attend a four year university, pursuing biology major in a pre-med track. She hopes to attend medical school and aspires to be a knowledgeable doctor and researcher. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, playing piano or guitar, drawing, debating about global issues with friends, and watching science fiction or criminal shows.