A Day at the Mayor’s Office on Disability

It has been two weeks since I started at the Mayor’s Office on Disability. I have been learning about the history of the department, and many of its policies. The Mayor’s Office on Disability’s job is to make San Francisco accessible to people with disabilities. About twenty percent of San Francisco’s population is made up of people with disabilities. The Mayor’s Office on Disability is responsible for overseeing local enforcement under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as other access codes and disability rights.

I have learned a great amount of information on the activist Ed Roberts and the history behind the Ed Roberts Campus at UC Berkeley. I have attended many meetings at City Hall involving various departments such as Public Works and Animal Care and Control. I have also attended meetings of the Mayor’s Disability Council where I heard commentary from the public. While in the office, I help with clerical duties such as filing and scanning documents.

A goal I have is to improve my skills and interactions with the public. As of now, I am working on an upcoming event where I will be presenting on learned material at the next Mayor’s Disability Council meeting at City Hall on July nineteenth bettering my public speaking skills. As a whole, I am enjoying my internship and how engaged in the department I have become.

-Blog written by YouthWorks Intern Emann Williams