New Mentors Prep for the Summer Session

One of the highlights of the summer session is that SF YouthWorks is able to engage a number of new mentors in the program. A shorter, more intensive session, the summer is excellent time to explore mentoring with us and to get a taste of working with YouthWorks interns.

To better prepare our mentors for the summer, YouthWorks Employment Coordinators hosted a new mentor workshop in late May before the start of the summer work session. Mentors reviewed the nuts and bolts of the program, ranging from the payroll process for interns to emergency procedures and child labor laws. However, the workshop also incorporated strategies for engaging with youth on the job.

We know that being a mentor involves more than just simple supervision. It requires relationship building with a youth, and the creativity to find a way to incorporate a him or her into a mentor’s day to day responsibilities. We hope that mentors left with a better understanding of the program, and with a solid understanding of how we at YouthWorks are available to support them through though the challenges of mentorship.

A number of resources are always available on the YouthWorks Mentor Resource Page on our website. Click HERE to check out the mentor handbook, first week internship checklist and more.