Introducing the 2012 Youth Leadership Team

SF Youthworks is excited to announce that we have selected six new members for  our 2012 – 2013 Youth Leadership Team (YLT)!  The YLT team is made up of past interns who have demonstrated exceptional leadership ability. YLT members will design and facilitate their own activities and workshops for interns and mentors.  In addition, YLT members will serve as youth ambassadors for the program, contributing a youth voice to YouthWorks outreach and advocacy. YLT members are selected after an extensive interview process that highlighted the unique interests, talents and experiences that each youth will bring to our program.

Introducing the 2012 Youth Leadership Team:

  • Daisy Cai is a junior at Galileo high school. Born and raised in San Francisco, she currently resides in the Crocker Amazon neighborhood. During her free time she plays volleyball, runs and bikes. She previously interned at Sharon Arts Studio and loved the time she spent there. As a YLT member Daisy hopes to develop her communication skills, while exposing herself to this once in a life time experience. In the future she plans on attending UC in Southern California for business.
  • Eduardo Calderon is currently a senior at Independence high school. He was born and raised in SF and lives in the Portola area. He is interested in sports, music and arts. He plays the piano, guitar and is very interested in playing the viola. He previously interned at the Board of Supervisors in David Campos office. In the future he would like to study law.
  • Nancy Liang was born in China, but currently lives in San Francisco. She is a senior at Abraham Lincoln high school. She loves singing, talking on the phone and going to cities around the Bay Area to try new foods and to take pictures. Nancy worked in the the Office of Small Business during her internship. She is interested in being part of the YLT so she can practice talking in front of groups and leading them, like she did when she was a coordinator in training for MYEEP. She plans to go to a state school and major in business, and to live a simple and successful life.
  • Maya Pastreich is a San Francisco native, raised in the Richmond district. She attends Mission high school where she participates in Gay Straight Alliance, Yoga and Latino Club. She plans to develop her leadership skills and build community at YouthWorks as a member of the YLT. After high school she hopes to attend a 4 year college.
  • Giovanni Rojas was born in San Francisco and is a senior at Lowell high school. During his free time he likes to ride his bike around the city, play guitar and play video games. During the summer he interned at the Mayor’s Office of Communication with YouthWorks. He is interested in YLT because he enjoys leading youth through their employment experience. In the future he plans to go to UC Berkeley and become a successful person.
  • Nick Torrano is a senior at Sacred Heart with a bright future and a variety of interests including music, sports and spending time with his two poodles. Nick likes the YLT  and YouthWorks program because of his experience as an intern at the Public Utilities Commision. Nick is excited about working on his leadership skills as a YLT member.