YouthWorks Appreciates SF Public Library

The SF Public Library has been an exemplary long standing YouthWorks partner, providing financial support and hosting interns throughout our programs  history. YouthWorks has been able to place students in successful internships in the main library and various neighborhood branches across the city. This year the library increased its contributions to YouthWorks and hosted 30 summer internships throughout the SF Public Library. Martha Arroyo Neves, Assistant Chief of Branches, helped YouthWorks recruit new mentors to make these internships possible.

Here is what the Mission Bay Library, a new work site, had to say about their experience:

“The internship [went] really well for me. Cathy is a great mentor who is always supportive to Mildry and me. All the other staff members are friendly and easy-going, and I really enjoyed working with them. I definitely learned a lot of new skills in terms of working in a library such as shelving books and DVDs, processing library materials and doing other general clerical duties.”

– Nan, Summer 2012 Intern at Mission Bay Library

“Mildry and Nan have done excellent work at Mission Bay Library.  They are an asset in every way, and I have told them during our meetings how much we appreciate their language skills.  There have been numerous situations where Mildry’s Spanish and Nan’s Chinese have helped staff communicate with patrons who otherwise would not be able to get the information they need.  I have emphasized to Mildry and Nan what an asset it is to be truly bilingual in English and another language, and that even though they may not see their bilingualism as something special, they should know that it sets them apart when applying for jobs and pursuing higher education.”

– Cathy, Mentor at Mission Bay Library