YouthWorks Seeks Mentors for Summer 2012 Program

Last month, Mayor Lee launched the San Francisco Summer Jobs+ program. In announcing this unprecedented citywide effort, he stated,  “Nowhere is our focus on creating jobs and opportunity more important than when it comes to our young people, where  an early, high-quality job or work experience can be a bridge to a lifetime of success.”

YouthWorks is one of many programs responding to this call. We are planning to add between 50 and 100 new internships this summer. Thanks to the generosity of the Department of Children, Youth and their Families and other City departments, these internships can be hosted at City facilities all over San Francisco.

YouthWorks is now working to identify new internship hosts for this summer expansion. We hope our recruitment video, which identifies the Top 5 Reasons to Become a YouthWorks Mentor, will help inspire City employees to join the summer effort.

We have also launched a competition among our existing mentors to promote referrals of potential new mentors.  We are tracking the mentors who refer other City employees to YouthWorks, and these individuals will be placed in a raffle. The winner of this competition will take home a Flip video camera! If you are a YouthWorks mentor, please consider participating in this competition to help us find new summer mentors. You can contact for more information.

With your help, we can provide up to 100 San Francisco youth with paid work experience in City government this summer.