Mayor Lee’s Roadmap to Good Jobs and Opportunity

During his fall campaign, Mayor Ed Lee released a 17-point plan that outlined his vision for creating employment opportunities in San Francisco. Since the election, this roadmap has been a focal point of his efforts on behalf of the City.

In reviewing the plan, it appears that two strategies have direct implications for youth, and are closely aligned to the mission and work of SF YouthWorks:

  • The Mayor’s commitment to “Establish a New Economy Apprenticeship Program” promises to create “a bridge between the growing number of new economy companies…and students exiting the City’s high schools and local colleges.” An aggressive implementation of this strategy, in which the Mayor’s administration encourages employers in growth sectors to provide real apprenticeship opportunities to youth, would be an exciting addition to our current youth employment landscape. These private sector apprenticeships would constitute a perfect next step for YouthWorks alumni and other youth interested in gaining skills and accessing opportunities in these growth industries. Further, this type of program would provide a real pipeline of local talent to meet the need for qualified employees in these companies.
  • Another strategy pledges “Stronger Partnerships with Public Schools,” and includes a list of educational priorities. Public school youth face an extremely difficult job market, and there is a significant need to provide additional opportunities for youth to develop work experience, understand today’s job market, and explore careers. Mayor Lee’s partnership with public schools might focus on expanding and deepening career pathways for high school youth, building on the existing Career Technical Education (CTE) program available at many SFUSD high schools. SF YouthWorks currently partners with these CTE programs to leverage our efforts and collaborate in building stronger pathways between high school and future career success.

SF YouthWorks is excited join Mayor Lee’s efforts to create more opportunities for San Francisco’s future workforce.