Worksite Mentors Evaluate YouthWorks

YouthWorks just completed our annual survey of mentors, receiving valuable input from those City government volunteers who supervise youth internships.  We solicit this feedback from mentors annually in order to better understand mentor experience with the program, and to identify areas for program improvement.

This year’s results showed that mentor experience with YouthWorks continued to be very positive during 2010-2011.  Some of the survey results include the following from our respondents:

  • 91% rated their experience this past school-year session as “good” or “excellent”
  • 97% ranked the level of support they receive from YouthWorks staff as “good” or “excellent”.
  • 91%  described their intern’s progress over the year-long session as “good” or “excellent”.

We also received helpful feedback from mentors about program tools we piloted this year, including revised timesheets, intern evaluation tools, and the department research project.  Comments from the mentors confirmed that these are all strong tools, and will also help us to modify them to increase their effectiveness and ease of use during the coming program year.