Intern Perspective: The Public Defender’s Office in Action

Victoria C currently work as an intern in the Public Defender’s Office. About two weeks ago, she went to court to observe an attorney from the Public Defender’s Office in action.  This is her account of that experience:

The courtroom is located in the Hall of Justice, and it was really huge. Seeing crowds of people dressed in formal suits and busy walking to their courtrooms made me very nervous. I eventually found the courtroom where my mentor told me go and watch, and it was pretty empty. I always thought that the cases that were being heard are always like in the movies, but it was different. I was one of the few people observing, and the courtroom wasn’t really that big.

Just watching and listening to how Abigail, the Volunteer Attorney at the PD’s, fought for her client’s case and rights was really great. Sitting there for about four hours while listening to the evidence and arguments being presented wasn’t boring at all. It was really intense in there, and I felt really excited every time Abigail would yell out “Objection!” to what the District Attorney said.

Being in court is just like fighting in a battle, except the attorney is the one that is representing his/her client’s future. Interning at the Public Defender’s Office so far has taught me this.  The experience provides me with such a close-up look at what’s done behind the scenes.

I really do hope to go back to Court soon and observe more cases, because this was a really great experience. I’m proud to say that I’m part of the Youth Works program, because I’ve been able to learn so much that is useful for my future.

Pictured:  YouthWorks interns and staff meet with Public Defender Jeff Adachi.