Success of Career Academy Programs

Work ExperienceEmployment and career exploration opportunities for youth are crucial, proven interventions for overcoming poverty.  In his March 24th column “Escaping Poverty” New York Times Op Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof describes the growing problem of poverty in the U.S. and explains several proven strategies for combating it.

Career academies are one successful strategy from Kristof’s list.  These academies provide  needed job experience and career exploration opportunities for high school students.  According to Kristof, “eight years of follow-up research suggests that graduates (of career academies) are more likely to hold jobs and earn more money.”  Other proven poverty interventions include early childhood education, interventions in 9th grade, and adult jobs programs.

San Francisco Unified School District offers high school students Career and Technical Education (CTE) academies in various fields including Finance, Law, IT, Tourism, Engineering, and Teaching.  These CTE Academies partner with private employers and youth employment programs like SF YouthWorks to give youth hands-on work experience and build their awareness of career options. These programs help to keep students engaged in high school and focused on achieving their future goals.