Mentor Corner

Midsession EvaluationsFebruary Mentor Corner
This month placement specialists have been meeting in person with each intern and mentor to fill out an evaluation together and give constructive feedback to the intern. We have found that these meetings are a great way to acknowledge interns’ strengths and plan for further growth. If you have not yet scheduled a midsession evaluation meeting for your intern, please contact your placement specialist.

Workshops for YouthWorks participants
During February, YouthWorks offered participants two workshops on the topic of postsecondary education.  The first workshop provided youth with information about four-year college opportunities, requirements, and financial aid.  This was followed by a workshop at City College of San Francisco’s Career Technical Education program.  Youth visited the Evans Street campus and learned about CCSF’s many offerings in technical, trade and professional training.  In March, youth will attend a mandatory Resume and Interview workshop.  Please check in with your youth about these workshops and critical topics.  In particular, your experience with education and career preparation can provide your interns with a valuable new perspective!

Youth-Led Mentor Workshop a Success! Repeat Planned for March 31
On January 29, our Youth Leadership Team facilitated a mentor workshop of their own design. The workshop focused on how to build relationships with young people. Mentors who attended were thrilled at the chance to hear the interns’ perspective and ask everything they had ever wondered about high-school-aged youth. To view the youth-created Tip Sheet for your own use, check it out here. Because of the high demand for this workshop, we will be holding a repeat of the event on Wednesday, March 31.