Mentor News

Interns Return to Work: On Monday, January 25th interns can go back to their internships and begin work again. Please keep in mind that this is the second week of the pay period, so timesheets are due the following Monday, February 1st. To see the calendar for the rest of the year, click here.

Mentor Training led by the Youth Leadership Team: On Friday, January 29th we will have the next mentor training in this year’s series. This is a very special training, led by our Youth Leadership Team, and will be about how to build relationships with young people. This is a great chance to really get to know some of our participants, and ask them everything you’ve ever wondered about high school aged youth. The workshop will be held at DCYF in suite 900 of Fox Plaza (1390 Market St @ Polk) from 12-1:30pm. Lunch will be served.

Mid Session Evaluations: This year we are changing the evaluation process to help our mentors give constructive feedback to their interns. Your Placement Specialist will be contacting you to set up a Mid Session Evaluation Meeting, to fill out the evaluation together with both mentor and intern. To review the evaluation form, click here. We hope this meeting will help our interns learn and get closer to reaching their professional goals.