Groups and Clubs

Students have the opportunity to participate in groups and/or clubs for work hours.

Young Women on the Rise

San Francisco YouthWorks' Young Women's Group exists to provide a safe space for self-development, self-esteem building, and peer support. We believe in empowering young women through skill development, guidance, empower, explore hard topics and support to strive for better and brighter futures while living out out Girls Group values of awareness, trust, validation, personal responsibility, and resourcefulness. 

  • Workshops are held monthly
  • Girls will participate in a curriculum covering topics of:
    • Women in College and Women in the Workplace
    • Body Image, Self-esteem and Emotional Health
    • Self-care and Healthy Relationships
    • and Many More
  • Additional workshops may be scheduled according to group interests.
  • Participants are paid for their time and engagement.
  • One-on-one support available when requested.

Interns who are interested in participating should contact their Employment Coordinator.

Upcoming Clubs

  • Young Men's Club
  • Art Club
  • and more!

Interns have the freedom to propose new club ideas. With the support of an Employment Coordinator or two, the opportunities are vast!