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"The experiences and skills which I have been able to gain throughout my participation in SF YouthWorks are things I could not have attained through another job.  This program is incredibly unique and is an asset to the youth of San Francisco."  -- Aoife O'Leary, YW intern
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Why be a SF YouthWorks intern? Because you can gain crucial job skills while exploring careers in public service. SF YouthWorks interns have the option to work in more than 30 city departments, such as the Department of Public Health, the District Attorney's office and the Board of Supervisors (for a full list of departments, click here).
  • SF YouthWorks interns work in paid internships for up to 10 hours per week (during the school year session) or 20 hours per week (during the summer session).
  • Interns are paid San Francisco's minimum wage. To find out San Francisco's current minimum wage, click here.
  • Each SF YouthWorks intern works with a mentor within a city government department-mentors are more than just supervisors; they care about interns' growth and teach interns important on-the-job skills.
  • The daily tasks of interns vary, depending on the worksite. Most SF YouthWorks internships are clerical, involving administrative work in an office setting.
  • YouthWorks staff provides ongoing support for SF YouthWorks interns, monitoring the internships and helping interns navigate the workplace environment.
  • SF YouthWorks interns attend career development workshops on topics such as Job Readiness, Money Management, Resume and Interviewing Skills, and Career Exploration.

Some examples of workshops are:

    • Work/life balance
    • How to communicate respectfully and effectively with a supervisor
    • Exploration of potential careers and how to get there
  • SF YouthWorks interns attend career development events where they can meet professionals who work in all different areas of public service.
  • SF YouthWorks staff help interns figure out what their next step is after they graduate from the program.
"This internship with SF YouthWorks is my first real job experience.  Working in the office of a city government employee has really opened my eyes to the world of politics, and how the city runs.  I was able to be a solution to many of the hardships that people face in the community."  -- David Go, YW intern