Youthworks Staff

The SF YouthWorks Office is housed by its fiscal agent, Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC).

Director of Workforce Programs

Alvin Woo
(415) 202-7914

Alvin is a native San Franciscan who has been on staff with JCYC and MYEEP since 1997. Alvin began his post college working life as a member of the first AmeriCorps class in 1994. That experience transformed a lifelong desire to be helpful into a career dedicated making the world better. He sees a better world as one where all young people see and become the responsible and empathetic adults they have the potential and desire to be. The superpowers that he employs most to do this work are an optimism with a super capital ‘O’ and an energy level that at times may rival the release at the Big Bang. These superpowers are deployed in every facet of his life – work, gym, sports, parenting, minimized sleep as well as hobbies like poker, fantasy sports and any competition. With enough effort he believes he can do anything and everything. It is the quality that he hopes everyone develops.

Employment Coordinator

Lavonda Gray
(415) 202- 7942

Lavonda is a San Francisco native who grew up in the Visitacion Valley Area. Lavonda participated in the JCYC programming when she was in high school and has served many different roles since returning to JCYC in late 2013. In her spare time Lavonda enjoys reading!

Lavonda currently oversees internships with the: Neighborhood Libraries and a few City Hall departments.

Associate Director, SF YouthWorks

Nicole Rodriguez
(415) 202-7904 

Nicole Rodriguez grew up in a border city named El Centro, CA. Where they discovered their
passion for human rights advocacy specifically within immigrant communities. Nicole attended
UC San Diego where they majored in Ethnic Studies with an emphasis on Race and Sexuality and minored in Dance. After graduating college in 2015, Nicole moved to San Francisco to gain more access to the non-profit sector and youth work. Before becoming the Associate Director for SF Youthworks, Nicole served youth in San Francisco through AmeriCorps, Youth Art Exchange, MYEEP, and Upward Bound. In their spare time, Nicole likes to play sports, workout, and hang out with their pet newt.

Employment Coordinator

Alejandra Arroyo

Alejandra is a San Francisco native who grew up in Ingleside. They received their BA in Sociology and a minor in Spanish language from Occidental College, Los Angeles. While in LA they dedicated their time towards managing the universities multicultural fly in program for students of color, as the Admissions Office Diversity Intern. While Alejandra has worked with youth since High School, it was this position that sparked their interest towards findings youth pathways that promote academic/personal/ and career growth.

Prior to their time at JCYC, Alejandra has worked as a dialogue facilitator for High School seniors, a curriculum builder for 826 National, another non-profit from San Francisco, and many odd jobs that feed their many hobbies, such as ice cream scooper, florist, and swim instructor.

Outside of work, Alejandra loves being outdoors, learning about plants, cooking Filipino food, listening to music, and taking day trips around the bay on the weekends.



Employment Coordinator

Eddie Whitfield
(415) 202-7951

Eddie is a San Francisco native who grew up in the Fillmore district and earned his BA degree in Africana Studies from San Francisco State University. Prior to joining the SF Youthworks team Eddie completed a year of service in Americorps and worked for MYEEP, another JCYC funded workforce program. Eddie got his start working with youth in during final year of college when he worked as an Educational Advisor for JCYC’s College Access Center. In his free time, Eddie enjoys taking dance classes at ODC, binge watching A Different World, and reading Harlem Renaissance literature.

Eddie currently manages internships with: Department of Public Health.

Employment Coordinator

Mary Reyes
(415) 202-7972

Mary Reyes is a first-generation College Graduate. Her family immigrated to America from the Philippines. She is deeply rooted in her culture and the Filipinx community. Mary was raised in Union City, Ca and graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies and a Minor in Counseling. Mary has an extensive background as an educator and in non-profit. Mary started working for JCYC as the Special Projects Program Assistant helping support initiatives such as; Opportunities For All (OFA), Project Pull, MoMagic/Collective Impact, United Way Business Pathways, HOPE SF, OCII, and VTEP. She has learned the insides and outs to the programs that JCYC services and is passionate about using all the skills she obtained in her role as an Employment Coordinator to guide High School youth and help them gain experiences for their future careers. Mary is passionate about helping others reach their self-actualization.

In her free time, she enjoys all aspects of music from singing, playing, attending concerts and shows. She also loves crocheting and even owns her own small business!

Data Coordinator

Osmond Hung
(415) 202-7971

Osmond is a Bay Area native born in San Francisco and raised in the Peninsula. He graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in Economics. He previously worked as a Business Operations Intern in the UK and as a Market Research Intern in Los Angeles during college. Osmond joined the MYEEP team to make an impact in the community in any capacity possible

During his time off, he loves to play basketball and spending time with his family and friends.

Office Administrator

Jacqueline Whistler
(415) 202- 7903

Jacks is a mixed-race immigrant from Japan who has always had a passion for understanding how different cultures intermingle and affect each other. This led to a degree in Comparative World Literature from San Francisco State University where they deepened their understanding of other cultures’ experiences in the United States. While studying, their time at the California Academy of Sciences gave an appreciation for the rich history of San Francisco and all its people have to offer. They are excited and passionate about working with youth and helping to make the world a kinder place.

When not at work they can be found making whatever project struck their interest from pinterest or instagram.
Communications and Events Coordinator
Analis Ibarra
(415) 202-7944
Analis is an SF Mission native who was involved in youth programs as a teen. The Achieve and Students Rising Above programs provided Analis with the foundation she needed to succeed in her educational career, and sparked her interest in giving back to the community and working with youth. Analis graduated from Denison University with a BA in Educational Studies and Psychology. Throughout her undergraduate career Analis worked as a Team Leader with Project Pull and began working in mental health upon graduation.
Outside of work Analis enjoys gardening, propagating plants, yoga, and making origami cranes.